Monday, January 3, 2011

Lellow choc-lick duck cake

sollie's 3rd birthday 020

sollie's 3rd birthday 019

sollie's 3rd birthday 014

(Got to try out the frosting)

sollie's 3rd birthday 013

(although he looks disgusted in this photo, I assure you,he thoroughly enjoyed his cake)

sollie's 3rd birthday 018

When I asked Solomon what kind of cake he wanted for his Birthday, he though about it for a little while and said,"Lellow, is my favorite......a Lellow Duck Cake!". The I asked him what flavor and he rolled his eyes and said "Choc-lick" like, duh, mama, do you really need to ask.
So I looked around on-line and found this one. Ours is based off of it's design, but with marshmallow, and chocolate chip eyes and we added little feet using the little orange candies that they suggested for the mouth.
We served Sollie the head which was a separate tiny cake. I am all about healthy eating choices for my kids most of the time with the exception of the Birthday cake, we tend to forget about healthy choices for fun, sugary ones. It was hard to top last years dragon cake but this year was special because Solomon came up with the idea himself.
I look forward to sharing more birthday photos, just though this funny duck deserved his own post.


nocton4 said...

wow wonderful cake, birthday wishes xxx

Mama Ash Grove said...

AH! this cake is too much- I love it! said...

holy cow i love that cake! and i like your blog muchly. glad i found you!!