Monday, March 31, 2014

Nalah's Unicorn Party

I am far behind in keeping up with the blog. Seems my family and I have been dealing with non-stop illness since the beginning of February. It is just nuts, I don't know what is going on. One illness after another literally going on 7 different bouts of crud, I am so over it. I have a sick boy home from school today which is the first day after spring break and a sick little girl too. Poor kids. Ben and I are just getting over a very long lasting mono like illness, it was so not fun.

I wanted to share Nalah's Birthday pictures before her Birthday month is over. Geesh, I used to be way better at this blogging thing. 

Nalah and I spent a cold rainy morning at the zoo on her birthday while Papa was working and the older kids were in school.We got to see the new baby lions and the flamingos that are new since we had been there last. The good thing about going in bad weather is that we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. 

 Nalah is taking after her Papa and got a new drum set for her birthday.

....and a bubble machine.

Nalah's party theme this year was Unicorns only because I found a Pin The Horn On The Unicorn game at a yard sale last summer for a whopping 10 cents.

 I found these great edible Unicorn cake toppers at Sweet Petal Cottage on Etsy! Some friends threw them out without knowing you could eat them, I guess I should have made sure to tell everyone. Nalah ripped mine off and ate it so I have no idea what it tasted like. I was told by the guests that they were good and sugary but Solomon said it tasted like soy bacon!
 I made unicorn horn hair clips for all of her little friends at the party.

 Nalah's fancy Birthday dress that she wore for a full 15 minutes at her party ;) It has since become her favorite gardening outfit.

 Her bubble machine was a big hit (Notice Sophie's horn?).

For Nalah's Birthday bunting I found a cute unicorn fabric by Heather Ross in her  "Crafty Chloe" line of fabric and the strawberry and flower print is also Heather Ross's "Briar Rose". I got the entire Briar Rose fabric collection in fat quarters from Ben for my Birthday and I am planning to make Nalah a quilt this spring as a belated Birthday gift, we will see. It is so hard for me to cut up Heather Ross's beautiful prints.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Shamrock crowns at HumbleLuna!

Hello friends, I just wanted to mention that there are some new fun shamrock crowns in my Etsy Shop just in time for St. Patrick's Day!
There is still time to get them shipped in time. Stop in and take a look.
Thank you!

Friday, March 7, 2014

This Moment:Turning two


A moment from my week to cherish and remember. Join along with Soulemama to share your special moment.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Can it be true, your already two!?

Happy Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet baby girl.  Two trips around the sun already? I can't believe it!  If you ask her how old she is today she will tell you "three" or "pink", but I remember that day well. It was beautiful and terrifying all in one.
Sweet Nalah, I love you more and more every day, and am so very thankful for the gift that is you!
We spent a rainy morning at the zoo, just Nalah and I while the big kids were in school. Tonight we are having a quiet family celebration and on Saturday we are having friends over to celebrate our sweet girl. We are having a unicorn theme and I still have quite a bit of crafting to do!! Bring on the unicorns!

Monday, March 3, 2014

A little more ocean love at Hug Point...





When Ben, Sophie and I first moved to Oregon 12 years ago we used to visit Hug Point nearly every time we went to the ocean, but since becoming a pretty big rock hound after Solomon was born we have been sticking south of Tillamook where the rock hunting is better. I  have really missed it up on the norther coast. Some beautiful spots on the Northern Coast are Ecola State Park,Hug Point, and Oswald West State Park.