Monday, July 29, 2013

Goobie got bangs!


 After dealing with hair in her eyes constantly and trying to catch her long enough to giver her a ponytail or endlessly remaking hair clips that she rips out and throws as soon as I put them in,I can finally see her sweet little face and I have been giggling ever since, what a doll. Now she looks like she is 15 and she gets away with lots of naughty stuff cause she is our baby and is so dang cute. 
I cut them myself which was terrifying for many reasons, they are less than perfect but she can pull it off for sure.
I have to get a picture of her hair from the back, this is an epic mullet. I should find a baby picture of Sophie's and we can have a  sister mullet contest. If only I had more time for things like that.
I LOVE her!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yarn Along

I am still working on my scrappy scarf. So far it is the perfect knitting project for the summer. I am able to work on it in small chunks without getting too mixed up. I think it is all I can handle at the moment with all my kids being home for summer and wild and screaming all the time(literally, I kid you not). Not the best for concentration.
And I finally got Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingslover from the library. After waiting months and months with it on reserve, so I have put all other reading aside to finish this book before I have to return it. I am finding my life is very similar to that of the main character so it has been easy to relate.
Joining along with Ginny for the Yarn Along. Stop by and share what you are knitting and reading.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pick me a blueberry....

We spent last Saturday morning picking blueberries and adoring baby pigs(can it really get any better than that?) on an organic farm out on Sauvie Island. Followed by an aimless joy ride farther into the woods and the discovery of the thrift store of my dreams, it was a good day indeed.










Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sandboarding Adventure

These photos are from our little ocean trip last weekend.  I took so many pictures at the fair and the beach that I had to break them up. Who knew a two day trip would require so many photos? 
 Sand boarding in Florence, Oregon. Super  fun and super affordable! The sand boards are about 10$  each  to rent for the entire day. You can take your board anywhere you want but we like the dunes close behind the rental know them if you have been to Florence, they are huge and about to swallow the Fred Meyer. There is also a parking area so whatever parent is on baby duty can hang out in the car and watch. No bathrooms though, so chugging a 16oz coffee before hand is not recommended.
 A few years ago I won a travel package that included sand boarding but I was 5 months pregnant so I sat out last time. It was fun to have Nalah on the outside so I could give it a try this time...I suck really, really bad. But the fun thing is everyone out there sucks so you don't have to feel bad. It was fun, and running up and down the dunes was a workout.
Sophie was really good at it, she is our little athlete. Solomon liked waxing his board and riding it down like a sled.
Even Nalah gave it a whirl this time too.






Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Down the Hobbit Trails.....















Since we were in Eugene for the Country Fair this past weekend we decided to make a trip to Florence on the coast to visit one of our favorite places, the Hobbit Trails. Ben and I visited the Hobbit Trails on a road trip from Wisconsin when we were still teenagers, after hearing about it from a friend. It is a very special place for us because it was also here that we discovered we were going to be parents for the first time. This was all 13 years ago!!(seems like yesterday)
The Hobbit trails lead you down through a twisted and slightly spooky forest into thick low shrubs that form a roof over tunnels worn into the sand, after you follow one of the dark tunnels you arrive at a beautiful beach, Hobbit Beach. 
The first time we visited there were not many cars parked in the small turn off of the Highway but things have changed over the past decade and the lot was full and there was a line of cars parked along the Highway. It was a Saturday so that might have a lot to do with it,but I saw that the Hobbit Trails were written about in a travel magazine a few years ago. But Lucky for us there were other folks around when we needed a jump since I left the headlights on(from driving through tunnels) and when we got back to the van we found our car battery quite dead. We found people to help immediately, yay,crisis averted!
Anyways it is a special place, if you find yourself in this area of the country it is well worth the stop!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Oregon Country Fair 2013

 Well, it was a close call but we made it to the Oregon Country Fair again this year.
We headed to the fair just for Friday because we had only a few days and wanted to squeeze in a trip to the ocean as well. The fair was really fun but I wasn't feeling too hot, so one day was enough for me this year.
Here are a few (okay a whole lot) of pictures from our day:



















and the journey continues......

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Yarn Along: I'm knitting again!!

 The knitting in the back is the frogged first attempt.

 I am happy to report that I am finding time to knit again. After a dry spell I was wondering what was wrong with me. Knitting is such great stress relief there is really no excuse to stop knitting....ever.
So I am joining along with Ginny for the yarn along.
I am currently working on a scrappy length wise scarf  after I frogged the first after I made too many mistakes. I am having a difficult time with the linen stitch for some reason, I keep losing track of were I am at. Luckily most of the mistakes I have made the second time around are blending in.
This is a great project for summer.  Portable and simple. 

I even got a moment to knit during the kids swimming lessons! Just like the good old days.

 I am currently reading Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson. I really enjoyed this book from the start, very poetic and lyrical. The story kept reminding me of a movie I have always really liked. I didn't notice until I was over halfway through that it was the book that the movie was written after, that I believe even has the same name. I never knew the name of the movie obviously or I would have made the connection sooner. Although I know the story from the movie I am really enjoying the book.