Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Welcome Summertime!

Welcome Summer! It is mighty hot here in Portland. 
 We appreciate beautiful trees and the shade they provide. We are shady oasis seekers.

 We have taken to daily sprinkler sessions in the late afternoon. Goobie is fearless in water, my sweet Pisces babe.  

We have been visiting the parks in the morning to get a little outside time before the heat overtakes the day. My kids are really heat sensitive so we hang out inside during the hottest part of the day.





We have been finding fun things to do inside too. Did you know you can make play dough out of coffee?
and cornstarch dough is so soft and addictive to touch...

We have been enjoying the summer bounty at the farmers market. Some of us go for the honey sticks alone....




I have been eating a lot of what I call "Vegetable mountain" . Yum! Steamed broccoli,cauliflower and kale over fried red potatoes. I use Braggs liquid aminos and Chouloula to give a little flavor. Goodness, I am hungry.
 I am so thankful we no longer live in an upstairs apartment during the heat waves of summer. It was no fun, we never had an air conditioner. Our high ceilings really help with heat.
The other day while I was making lunch I got a paranoid feeling because things were a little TOO quiet....my kids make a lot of noise, they are all screamers..all day long.I found Nalah quietly reading a book in a cozy spot.It was really sweet. I snapped this picture.

I hope you are all staying cool and enjoying summer.

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