Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sandboarding Adventure

These photos are from our little ocean trip last weekend.  I took so many pictures at the fair and the beach that I had to break them up. Who knew a two day trip would require so many photos? 
 Sand boarding in Florence, Oregon. Super  fun and super affordable! The sand boards are about 10$  each  to rent for the entire day. You can take your board anywhere you want but we like the dunes close behind the rental know them if you have been to Florence, they are huge and about to swallow the Fred Meyer. There is also a parking area so whatever parent is on baby duty can hang out in the car and watch. No bathrooms though, so chugging a 16oz coffee before hand is not recommended.
 A few years ago I won a travel package that included sand boarding but I was 5 months pregnant so I sat out last time. It was fun to have Nalah on the outside so I could give it a try this time...I suck really, really bad. But the fun thing is everyone out there sucks so you don't have to feel bad. It was fun, and running up and down the dunes was a workout.
Sophie was really good at it, she is our little athlete. Solomon liked waxing his board and riding it down like a sled.
Even Nalah gave it a whirl this time too.






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