Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yarn Along: My Little Lamb

Hello! I wanted to join along with Ginny for the Yarn Along to share my little lamb costume I made for my two year old daughter for Halloween this year. The details of the pattern and my modifications can be found at my Ravelry page here. She still has a sweet baby accent and her L's are Y's so she said she was a "Yitto Yam". She will be able to wear this costume for several more years, it will be a fun addition to our dress up stash and it would also be great fun to wear to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival.

I am currently knitting fingerless toddler mittens to sell during the holidays. I currently can make about two pairs a day. I plan to stop knitting them for a while after Thanksgiving or after my colorful wool stash runs out, which ever comes first.

I also just frogged a half finished sweater that has been sitting around since last spring. I lost the pattern for it after I printed it out and left it at pub knitting. Then I got the book from the library and my printer was out of ink and I had to return it again before I could make another copy. So, maybe it just wasn't ment to be? I found a new pattern that I like much better called Flying South by Classic Elite Yarns.
 I would be lying if I said it has been easy going, but following a chart with my children playing wildly around me I mess up and ripped out more rows than I have knit. Unkitting really sucks, btw. A lesson in patience for sure. I think I am almost finished with the patterned yoke and out of deep water for now. I really need to just stick to easy mindless knitting when I knit around my kids. I have been a mom for 13 years, I should know better by now!

As far as reading I need to stop by the library today to pick up Arcadia by Lauren Groff. I am looking forward to reading it.It is about life on a commune in the 1960's in Western NewYork. I love everything about that decade and communes have always intrigued me so I am sure I will enjoy it. I lived in Western New York with my husband when our first child was a baby. Holy smokes are they buried in snow out there! Like several feet! Here in Portland we get a dusting  and schools are closed and the city shuts down, it is silly really. People near Buffalo would laugh at us....
Stay safe and warm out there knitting friends, snow or no snow.
I am sick with a cold and am pretty much good for nothing at the moment,nothing but knitting and reading, of course. That sound pretty good.
What are you knitting and reading? Stop by the Yarn Along to share!