Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tulip Festing...





(Photo by Solomon)


                                        This is what I get when I ask Sollie to take a picture with me.
Photo by Ben

We took a trip out to the Tulip Festival in Woodburn,Oregon. It was our first time going, but since I am a sucker for road trips and taking pictures I couldn't believe we haven't gone before. I told Ben, "Can you believe we haven't been here before? This seems like the kind of thing I would make us do every year." I have avoided it in the past because of stories from other families that it was one giant mud pit. Well to be honest, we do go the the Dahlia Festival in Canby almost every year..kinda the same thing. The one thing that kind of irritated me from a photographers perspective was that they let people walk in between the rows so it was impossible to get a photo of just the flowers without crowds of people walking through. But I love watching people so it was fun. I don't think I have ever seen so many different cultures of people all in one place, there were people .....and tulips of every color and shape so much diversity so many different languages!
I am glad we waited for a dry weekend, it was crowded, but no mud!
I think we will just have to go back again next year. I might have to make this for Nalah to wear to it.  Like I need an excuse to knit that.

Friday, April 26, 2013

This Moment: Best Friends

I am breaking the no words rule this time, but joining in for This Moment with Soulemama to share a special moment that I want to cherish and remember from my week.

   I can honestly say that right now, they are best friends. It is the sweetest thing in the world to me.
The age gap was 7 years between my first two children and they have had their moments of friendship, but they mostly just irritate each other and argue all the time. The gap between Sollie and Nalah is a little smaller. He adores her and says he wants to marry her and tells her how beautiful and wonderful she is all the time. So stinking sweet. He has so much patience for her, even when she toddles over and sticks her hand in his plate of food, he just giggles "oh ,Nalah". He is a pretty peaceful little man and he has taught me to be more patient with her as well. I only wish he could teach her to sleep like he did, man, he was a fantastic sleeper( he still is) and....well...Nalah never sleeps.......EVER.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Some new things at Humbleluna

 Please stop by HumbeLuna and take a look I have some new little skirts for spring and I will be adding new sizes and fabrics every week so check back in often. I love custom work so if you have a size or color you would like I would be happy to work with you, just send me a message via my shop. I am also working on some new baby legwarmers or "cankle sweaters" as my husband likes to call them.I will be adding more very soon. They pair up great with a little skirt for a fun spring outfit.
Happy Spring!




Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Another Spring Weekend in Portland...

We have been walking around a lot lately. Through the neighborhood on into other less familiar neighborhoods. That is one really fun thing about the city of Portland, each neighborhood is like a smaller town of it's own. I don't own a home, so I like to walk around and look at houses and yards and get ideas for the future, for the someday when hopefully we can have a home of our own, where we can sink roots and feel grounded. 




We have several really hard years financially with several lay offs and lack of work, I wonder if we will ever catch up enough to make a comfortable living here, yet I don't want to have to start over again either. Here is to hoping for good things in the future and for a rainbow after the storm.


We were able to do a little hiking this weekend. Too little for my taste, anyone need a hiking buddy out there?



We also got out to the park. The kids have been kind of sick the past few weeks and it was nice to see them get their energy back. Funny how as parents we get annoyed with our kids when they are hyper and bouncing off the walls,but as soon as they are ill an are lacking in energy we want nothing more than for them to be able to run around like wild animals again.

And we did some urban fishing too...


Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day!


Love and appreciate the Earth today and everyday.

Friday, April 19, 2013

This moment...A bunny visit



                   A moment from our week to cherish and remember. Inspired by Soulemama.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My sweet guy...




I was happy to spend some time alone with my little guy this weekend. The weather cooperated long enough for us to do a little hiking and exploring. 
I miss our early rock hunting days at the river when Solomon was a wee babe on my back.
I hope he will always find the time to hike with his mama.

Friday, April 12, 2013

This Moment..stop and smell the flowers



It has been a while, but I am joining along with Soulemama today for this moment.
A moment from my week to cherish and remember.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along: a sidewalk pixie and a slow going sweater





Nalah is sporting her new pixie hat. I totally freaked out the day after I made it when I had her in the backpack in her new hat and walked to New Seasons market to get some limes. I was sure she had her hat on but when I glanced behind me at the checkout she didn't have it on. I traced my footsteps and asked the people who worked there if anyone had seen a hat. I was sure we had just dropped it moments before. No one could find it, it wasn't by the limes and no one had turned one in. I walked home sad but hopeful that maybe we would find it on our walk must have fallen off on the way to the market. But sadly all the way home hat. So by the time we made it home I was really irritated and mad that someone had stolen Nalah's new hat. But when we walked in the front door her hat was sitting on the floor. Duh!


 I also made her some little legwarmers for chilly legs from riding in the Ergo baby carrier, it tends to make her little pants ride up and exposes her legs on our cool morning hikes up Mt Tabor Park together. Now she is ever so toasty. I plan on making her more and adding a few pairs on my Etsy shop very soon.
Solomon got a new hat and is modeling my new drop stitch cowl. His hat was just made up as well as Nalah's hat but this cowl is a real pattern found here. A fun quick knit, this is my third Drop stitch Cowl.



In the mean time I am still chugging away ever so slowly on my Aidez. I don't have a lot of knitting time where I can concentrate on the pattern( when my kids are no where in sight). I have both sleeves and a front panel and a half complete..just need to finish off the other half and then knit the back panel. I am going to skip the lattice work on the back since I don't really like it and my hair is down to my waist and would cover it anyway. I am not cheating, it was my intent all along. I had hoped to finish this by now, especially when I noticed on Ravelry that many other folks knit the whole thing in two weeks!!!
As far as reading I am reading Embracing Persephone. Now that I have a 12 year old daughter(as of last week) I am trying to find right ways of dealing with the changes in behavior as she becomes less of a child and more of a little lady.
Hopefully I finish my sweater before she leaves for college! ;)
Joining Ginny today for the Yarn Along.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Needle felting...

I have been wanting to try my hand at needle felting for several years. I put it off to focus more on knitting and sewing clothing and costumes for my Etsy store. My husband  would always kind of  roll his eyes and say that I didn't need another crafty hobby when I would mention it. After all, the crafty possibilities are endless, did I mention I would love to try spinning my own yarn, and learning the art of stained glass, how about woodworking, and basket weaving, and quilting? Yes, I want to try them all.I will be a very busy old woman some day, hopefully.
So here is my bluebird, my first attempt at needle felting. I gave it to Sophie as part of her Birthday gifts but I think Nalah needs one too as she has grown very fond of it, and loves all creatures dearly.





Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Girl...

 It is hard to believe that this cute little girl is turning 12 years old today! Where did the time go? It really does just go so fast, in a blink of an eye. I though I would share a few old pictures. It is fun to see her grow.
On the day she was born..

 At the Oregon Country Fair) age 4

    First day of Kindergarten (Age 5)

Age 6

  Age 7

"Monster Girl"  Halloween, Age 8

First day of 4th Grade (Age 9)

Sophie and Lola (Age 10)

(Age 11)
Our spunky,pretty, funny, persistent girl.
She has made every year an adventure.
Happy 12th Birthday Sophie!
Twelve is a pretty big deal. A preteen! It is a time of childhood when hanging with friends becomes way more fun than spending time with the old folks. We will always be here for you and will be patiently waiting through your teen years for when your ready to hang out with us again.
We love you!