Thursday, September 27, 2012

Restore the Arts to our Schools!


Portland is a city know for it's creative people and for the abundant art scene, so why do only 18% of Portland Public school have any Art Education? This is just nuts! We are so far below the National average for Arts Education.
I know as a child in Elementary school, I looked forward to my art class every week and I don't think I would have made it through High School without art classes. The art room was my sanctuary. A place where everyone fit in and a place where it was okay to be different and creative. I couldn't imagine that not being available. It makes me so sad for our children here in Portland.
If you live in Portland please click here for more information on how you can help restore art and music to our schools. Help out the folks out there who would love to teach art here in Portland as well(myself included).
I was able to help out in a small way by delivering yard signs last week to fellow supporters. It felt good to play a small part in this cause.
Vote YES! Portland! Restore Art and Music Education to our Schools!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Flock and Fiber 2012








What a beautiful weekend for the Flock and Fiber Festival, and a chance to get some Mama time with a friend. So fun to see all the beautiful hand spun yarns, I snagged the perfect skein for my Husband's annual Birthday gift(more on that later). Nalah was my only child in tow as the older kids stayed in town and went to the Arcade with Papa, she had a blast and was thrilled and shrieking with joy in the animal barn...she especially liked the Alpacas :) A child after my own heart :)
It was also a little bittersweet since I don't have time for knitting these days. I am looking forward to quieter days in the future....there will be plenty of time for knitting then.

Friday, September 21, 2012

This Moment: Her first mountain

A beautiful moment to cherish and remember from our week. Joining along with Soulemama.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the lake near the mountain.....







We only had one day as a family last week so we decided to take advantage of the glorious September weather we have been having and we took our little paddle boat up to Trillium Lake. I have been wanting to get the boat out for years, the last time we used it I was pregnant with Sollie! So much fun! I spent the most time on the shore with Nalah however, but she was pretty content as you can see from the picture above.
We stayed all day until the sunshine fell off the lake, and we even got everyone to hike around it! It is the perfect length for kids, only 2 miles...we love loop hikes. I could hike all day, but haven't been on a long hike in many moons since becoming a mama. Sophie was always a great little hiker when she was little and our only child...and petite too, I am pretty sure I carried her in a backpack until she was three. She is a very good athlete but now that she is older she would rather be at home playing on her ipod.Solomon likes to stop and look at every rock and leaf and berry he sees along the way....he is more of an observer than an athlete. The kids had fun chasing after one another along the way and making fun of a German man's is it I can still be embarrassed in the middle of nowhere???
We really never had any real vacation this summer, no traveling or camping trips so it is nice that summer is hanging on for us a little we can kind of make up for it a little here and there. I mean if you are limited for traveling this isn't a bad place to be "stuck". Who knows maybe a camping trip is still possible? Shhh..don't let our ipod obsessed preteen hear you or there will be groans and protests. I couldn't imagine choosing a video game over this....but she had a lot of fun out on the lake once we got there. I guess that is the stage of life we are heading into, it is harder to bring everyone along willingly these days. I will cherish and remember the moments we have like this as a family while they last.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Up, up and away......




 I will post more on this adventure soon........

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rummage Sale Score!

Last weekend on a small road trip I got super lucky and came across a Rummage Sale in a small town at an Elks Lodge right when they started the whole, take what you can fit in a bag for one dollar part of the sale. Some times you are just in the right place at the right time and I scored a perfect copy of Salley Mavor's book Felt Wee Folk for pretty much next to nothing. I am a huge fan of her beautiful handwork.She is amazingly talented . You can read more about her here
             And if you have a minute watch it so wonderful!



Friday, September 14, 2012

This Moment......The homework helper


Joining with Soulemama to share a precious moment from my week.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Solomon started Preschool today. It was his first experience in a school and a classroom setting with teachers and new friends. He has been home with me ever since he was born, I was nervous. He is kind of an unpredictable little guy,really sensitive and emotional. He is very much aware of his feelings and to the feelings of the people around him.He was really excited to start school but I was a little nervous, it could go either way.
I just dropped him off and he acted as if it was no big deal, he just walked in to the classroom and started painting at an easel like he had done it many times before. I had a more difficult time just taking off, so I joined a few parents in the lounge for a welcome coffee. After sharing a few nervous smiles with other Mamas,I walked past his classroom to see him happily sitting on the rug listening to a story. Ok,Thats it? hmm? I am not used to things being that easy. Not at all what I experienced with my first child. It was a very different story with her. When I picked him up afterwards he was a little disappointed to see me and wanted to stay for the whole day (He is only going two mornings a week).
Due to the insane cost of Preschools in Portland and the wait lists and interview processes that go along with it I had about given up on the idea of him going to Preschool at all.We simply could not afford it. This made me sad because I know how much he wanted to go to school and I didn't want to just throw him into Kindergarten next year without him having any experience with other children in the classroom.  I decided to look again this summer for one last shot and luckily the sweet school just a block from our house still had openings and an option that we could potentially afford. It also happens to be the school that Solomon has called "his school" since he was a babe. We would walk by on the way to the library and he would say, "There's my school!" when he saw the children out playing outside. I thought it was so cute, from then on we have referred to it as "his" school and now it really is!
I am so happy for him.
 He told me that he loves school, I think he is pretty proud of himself.



 On a slightly different note.....
My first child started sixth grade this year, her first year in Middle School!
I don't think she was quite prepared for all the new responsibilities but she is doing pretty well. The first day after she was exhausted, very grumpy and in tears. She also had a lot of anxiety leading up to the new school this summer. We waited and waited for her class information to come in the mail at the end of the summer but it never came.Then on the last day of summer break before school was due to start we walked over to the school and asked what the deal was. The lady in the office assured us they were expecting her and didn't know why she didn't get a letter. So we got all her class info and then guess what came in the mail later that day? yep! Her schedule, talk about last minute.
Middle School can be rough, especially for girls. I would lie if I said I wasn't worried.
I am a little sad when we drive past her old Elementary School on the way to Middle School. I kind of wish she was still going there....sniff sniff
The end of an era. Good Luck in Middle School Sophie!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Our first harvest...

So excited to actually be growing something in our garden this year!
The move from the upstairs to the downstairs also came with the benefit of having a south facing garden this year with lots of sun!
This is a photo of our first harvest a few weeks ago. Our zucchini plant has slowed down in production since then but the tomatoes are going strong and we have a few mystery veggies coming along(not sure if its summer squash or cucumber yet.  Our peppers are just starting to fruit and Solomon has a few good sized watermelons that are getting bigger too. How fun!
Got zucchinis at your place? I found this recipe and it is so stinking good, plus I found a way to get Solomon to eat something green,finally ;)

Nalah's Morning Glories are in full bloom too! 
I am still kinda sad over the loss of Sophie's sunflower starts to the snails earlier this summer... as they would be beautiful right now.
Hoping to show pictures of Solomon with his prize watermelon in a few weeks.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Halfway around the sun!


I can hardly believe it, 6 months old today?! 
Where did the time go?
I should know how fleeting the baby stage is, I mean, I have been there before.
Poor girl, along for a crazy ride, not like a first and only baby who doesn't have the sibling competition or a second baby after a long age gap from the first.
Hardly ever gets to nap, seems whenever she falls asleep I am waking her to take someone else somewhere else. Only catches small catnaps on mamas back whenever she can.
I have mama guilt. I want to dote on my sweet baby goose.
Stop time and just be with her.
Savoring her.
Cherishing her.
Oh how I cherish her.

I was feeling guilty that I didn't have an awesome photo shoot today or do anything out of the ordinary to celebrate this half-Birthday. We spent a good portion of our morning waiting around at the bank...although being in a long line of new faces to smile at and flirt with she was pretty much in heaven actually. Especially when she got loud squeaky baby hic-ups and the whole bank of folks was giggling at her..(yes this also happened at sisters 5th grade promotion ;)
Solomon and I did sneak in a trip to the toy store while Nalah dozed and picked out a new cool wooden rattle for her.
Being a third baby isn't so bad, she is ever so adored by her siblings,
and oh how she adores them too.....
She is noticing animals now and make her own battle cry sound when she sees one about. Every time one of our cats or Grandpa's dog pass by her they leave minus a tiny fist full of hair. But they keep coming back. They love her too.
And she can say "hi". She freaked out a few sweet ladies at the fabric store the other morning.
I swear I woke bright and early the other day to "Hi Paa Paa"... too bad Papa was already gone for work.
Thanks for joining us on this wonderful journey of life sweet Nalah.
I couldn't imagine it without you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Summer's End..

Full hands have kept me away from the blog world these days. I miss having time to blog and to read other blogs. Being home alone with the kids most of the time while my husband travels far from home for work..some times for several weeks on end has left my mind spinning with doing no more than keeping it together as much as I can just getting through the day. Not to mention that my baby at 6 months old(almost) decided she will not nap anymore ...ack!
I still wanted to let our far away family and friends know what we have been up to this summer so bear with me for one massive summer recap, in photos of course:

We picked berries with friends and made yummy treats out of them......


We ran free in the woods and at the beach....


My mom came to visit and met Nalah for the first time.....
and we took her to a few pretty places...

and got some treats too..

We learned and did things for the very first time....





We visited the zoo...



Made a few crafts...ok, just one ;)



We got tiny mustache tattoos..

Took a long put off trip to the beach...






 And enjoyed the Portland Parkways event from our front door..

along the path...
and at the park...


I was feeling like we didn't do much this summer until I completed this post..funny how you have to remove yourself sometimes to see all you have. Feeling blessed! School starts tomorrow for my eldest. First day of Middle School!! and first day of school ever coming up for Solomon too( sniffle sniffle,wipes away tear).
What a full busy(if not totally hectic) summer we had this year. Looking forward to the routine and small quiet moments around the house that come along with the school year.