Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Solomon started Preschool today. It was his first experience in a school and a classroom setting with teachers and new friends. He has been home with me ever since he was born, I was nervous. He is kind of an unpredictable little guy,really sensitive and emotional. He is very much aware of his feelings and to the feelings of the people around him.He was really excited to start school but I was a little nervous, it could go either way.
I just dropped him off and he acted as if it was no big deal, he just walked in to the classroom and started painting at an easel like he had done it many times before. I had a more difficult time just taking off, so I joined a few parents in the lounge for a welcome coffee. After sharing a few nervous smiles with other Mamas,I walked past his classroom to see him happily sitting on the rug listening to a story. Ok,Thats it? hmm? I am not used to things being that easy. Not at all what I experienced with my first child. It was a very different story with her. When I picked him up afterwards he was a little disappointed to see me and wanted to stay for the whole day (He is only going two mornings a week).
Due to the insane cost of Preschools in Portland and the wait lists and interview processes that go along with it I had about given up on the idea of him going to Preschool at all.We simply could not afford it. This made me sad because I know how much he wanted to go to school and I didn't want to just throw him into Kindergarten next year without him having any experience with other children in the classroom.  I decided to look again this summer for one last shot and luckily the sweet school just a block from our house still had openings and an option that we could potentially afford. It also happens to be the school that Solomon has called "his school" since he was a babe. We would walk by on the way to the library and he would say, "There's my school!" when he saw the children out playing outside. I thought it was so cute, from then on we have referred to it as "his" school and now it really is!
I am so happy for him.
 He told me that he loves school, I think he is pretty proud of himself.



 On a slightly different note.....
My first child started sixth grade this year, her first year in Middle School!
I don't think she was quite prepared for all the new responsibilities but she is doing pretty well. The first day after she was exhausted, very grumpy and in tears. She also had a lot of anxiety leading up to the new school this summer. We waited and waited for her class information to come in the mail at the end of the summer but it never came.Then on the last day of summer break before school was due to start we walked over to the school and asked what the deal was. The lady in the office assured us they were expecting her and didn't know why she didn't get a letter. So we got all her class info and then guess what came in the mail later that day? yep! Her schedule, talk about last minute.
Middle School can be rough, especially for girls. I would lie if I said I wasn't worried.
I am a little sad when we drive past her old Elementary School on the way to Middle School. I kind of wish she was still going there....sniff sniff
The end of an era. Good Luck in Middle School Sophie!


karen said...

Middle school is hard for girls at least it was for my daughter. For some reason little friends can be a little mean with their words without knowing they are. My son sailed through middle school without blinking! How lucky to find a spot at his school-it was meant to be :)

Mama Gone Green said...

What a sweet little Sollie. Glad that your first day was better than ours! ;)