Monday, September 24, 2012

Flock and Fiber 2012








What a beautiful weekend for the Flock and Fiber Festival, and a chance to get some Mama time with a friend. So fun to see all the beautiful hand spun yarns, I snagged the perfect skein for my Husband's annual Birthday gift(more on that later). Nalah was my only child in tow as the older kids stayed in town and went to the Arcade with Papa, she had a blast and was thrilled and shrieking with joy in the animal barn...she especially liked the Alpacas :) A child after my own heart :)
It was also a little bittersweet since I don't have time for knitting these days. I am looking forward to quieter days in the future....there will be plenty of time for knitting then.

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Baby By The Sea said...

Beautiful strands of color. Breathtaking, really.