Monday, October 26, 2009

On the pumpkin hunt

Yah, we scored some wierd ones.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kite Festival

We finally made it to the Lincoln City Kite Festival.(I have been wanting to go for years). It was a glorious day on the Ocean. Sunny and beautiful, not too windy...just windy enough for some effortless kite flying.
I think the kids had fun (and grandpa too)
It was pretty surreal.

This is my favorite picture.

Can you tell which kite Sophie is flying?

This one was truly beautiful to spiraled in the air like an enormous patriotic jellyfish.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Styling Halloween

Solomon modeling my tails....Look at his sweet shadow.

Things have been very busy around here. This is a busy time of year for a costume making mama....and her little models. My costumes are currently being sold at Piccolina and Plue here in Portland. I got a really nice review here.
I am also (as a costume making mama) busy planning the costumes for my own two kiddos.
Sophie has been really great into turning this dream costume into something I can make for her. We spent a night last weekend just the two of us, hunting around the fabric shop. I am a little nervous though....I guess I like the stress of not having a pattern, of cutting up fabric and hoping for the best. That is how I roll.
I though I had a really creative idea for Solomon's costume, but I have seen similar costume ideas in a few Halloween magazines. I am free styling his costume as well. If I haven't already told you(which I probably have if you have talked to me in the last month or so) you will have to wait and see. The idea of him wearing it makes me laugh, I hope it all works out. I can't wait to share their costumes when I am done.
Am I sick of making dragon tails yet??? No, not yet. It is sad what a thrill it is to switchover to a new color. I found a great magenta colored corduroy that I cant wait to bust into. People seem to like the green the best.
I llove hearing about the kids who will be getting tails for their Halloween costumes this year. One little girl got a custom tail for a Loch Ness monster costume. I hope they send me a picture!
(was that enough links for ya?)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Flock and Fiber Festival

Check out these two cuties from the Flock and Fiber Festival last weekend in Canby, Oregon.
I am so proud I made it home without any yarn, or a goat or sheep of my very own, but it was VERY, VERY tempting.........baaa....