Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blooming branches.....

The flowering fruit trees are at their peak here in Portland. My neighborhood is very pink right now, it is really lovely. The trees are blooming much later this year then last. This March has been one of the rainiest on record, I think we only had one day of no rain. It hasn't been all bad though, we have had afternoons of sunshine here and there............. and rainbows.

spring2011 061

spring2011 040

spring2011 064

spring2011 067

A few week ago, before the trees where in their full glory, I gathered some branches from a park in my neighborhood. I took them home and gave them a shower(literally) and dried them and took them into the art class I teach every week, and the kids and I made blooming branches with tissue paper flowers. So very simple and easy to make. I think they are really beautiful. Sophie made me some for Mother's Day last year and I have had them in a vase on the bookshelf all year. It is nice to know that after all the pink trees turn green we will still have a little spring color in our house.

spring2011 038

kidscrafts 016

kidscrafts 017

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sick (Spring) Break....

My lack of blogging is not because we were on some really great family vacation for spring break, but because I have been sick for the entire break. We usually try and go yurt camping for a day or two during the break, but we didn't plan any getaways this year and I am glad because I would not have been able to enjoy it.
I am feeling really behind in everything. This bug has zapped a really good flow of motivation that I was in. I am hoping to finally be on the mend and have my energy and determination restored.
The kids and I still managed to get out here and there during the week and on Papa's day off we went on a quest to a river in the mountains to check out a new rock hunting spot.

spring2011 050

spring2011 052
The water is an amazing blue green color and in the deeper spots a dark emerald, the photo really does not do it justice, it is just gorgeous.

spring2011 053
Solomon loves visiting rivers and lakes and the ocean. He has been rockhunting with me since he was a newborn in a sling on my belly. I hope he still enjoys it when he is older, it would be great to have a common hobby we could share throughout the years as he grows into a man.

spring2011 054

spring2011 056
Papa thinks he found a fresh bear print in the sand.

spring2011 055
Did someone say Bear? Time to go!
spring2011 057
Not sure if it was or not but we didn't stick around much longer after that. It is spring afterall and I would hate to come across a very HUNGRY bear.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new baby gift...

knitting 257

knitting 256

I wanted to share a recent knitting project. This is the Easy baby Cardigan from Joelle Hoverson's book, More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I made this sweater for my friend Taryn's new baby girl. I got this book as a Christmas gift an I just new I would have to make the sweater for her as soon as I saw it.It was so much fun to knit and all in one piece, this is the second knitting project that I ever actually blocked. Blocking makes seaming much easier, I have to say and it is so simple too. Totally worth the effort. I will come back to this project again when there is another new baby to craft for.

*** I would also like to say thanks so much for all of the kinds words about my Illustrations. I can't tell you how much they mean to me. Thank you all so much for the encouragement you give me , it is priceless.***

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Illustration Sunday.....dancing birds in color

illustrations 128

illustrations 129

illustrations 115

Last week, during a very monsoon-like morning, my son and I dressed head to toe in our our rain gear, waterproofed the jogging stroller with the rain tent and headed up to the park near our home that is an extinct volcan0. It is a very good workout for me pushing the stroller up this mountain , and a beautiful leisurely ride for my little man. He was dry and cozy, eating pretzel sticks and singing to himself. I was doing my best to ignore the rain, focusing on the music from my ancient ipod(Amadou &Miriam) and happy to get exercise and fresh air. We continued on through the wind and rain and mud and when we reached the top of the mountain the clouds broke open and the sun came out in full force. We noticed several birds happily singing and they seemed to dance in the sunshine. It was the inspiration for this illustration, and a sweet memory that I wanted to capture.
I was also hoping it was a sign. To keep pushing on and working hard and not giving up during the hard times, that there is so much beauty to be found in the future, to stay positive and hopeful and to have faith that it is all going to work out. That things will get better financially for my family. That there are puddles of sunshine to dance in, and a break in the clouds.

Friday, March 18, 2011

This Moment...

spring2011 023

A moment from our week to pause savor and remember, inspired by soulemama.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


One of the things I love the most about Oregon is that it is green year round... almost overwhelmingly so in the wet winter months. I can handle the gray skies when the earth is so vibrantly green and is, after all, my favorite color...
winter2010-11 166

But it is still so lovely and refreshing in the spring when we can welcome some other colors back into natures palate....

spring2011 037

spring2011 027

spring2011 004

spring2011 017

spring2011 033
(Daffodil photo by Sophie)

spring2011 009

Here is to new beginnings, rebirth, and life!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A new hat......

knitting 231

knitting 241

knitting 242

knitting 246

knitting 249

I had to make myself a new hat because sadly I lost my Blume hat :(
I loved that hat so much and I think I may be inspired enough to make another but that hat was kind of a pain in the hind end to knit. Sock weight yarn on tiny circular needles.....well, you have to be in the right mood.
I was out looking for inspiration a few weeks ago and came across this pattern by Lisa Gentry called the "Cabled Classic". It was so much fun to knit, I loved all the little cables. It knit it up very quickly in about two days. It is keeping me warm as I ponder tackling another Blume.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Illustration Sunday.....dancing birds

illustrations 113
I was hoping to have a little color to show you this week, but time got away from me and all I was able to do was a few sketches. I did get my drawing transferred onto some nice watercolor paper. Sorry It it very hard to see, it is very dark and rainy here today.
So my goal for next week is to finish this little drawing in watercolor. I will tell you more of the story behind it then...

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Local Shout Out....

(Solomon modeling my fleece star pants sold on my Etsy shop and locally at Aster&Bee)

I am happy to have my Humbleluna costumes and clothing be a part of the cute new shop in S.E. Portland called Aster&Bee. They are having a Grand Opening Saturday(tomorrow) from 3-6 with music and story time and a raffle. Please check them out!!!

This moment....

spring2011 011
A moment from our week to cherish and remember, inspired by Soulemama.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Brothers......

Are fun to dress up!

winter2010-11 188
(a rock star)
winter2010-11 190
(Thing 1)
winter2010-11 181
(a ghost)
winter2010-11 192

winter2010-11 191

Sophie wanted to dress him as Lady Gaga in one of her old sparkly swimsuits, but Solomon said no. Hey, a guys got to draw the line somewhere.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Illustration Sunday....better late than never

I am double posting today to get my illustration for this week posted. I misplaced my camera yesterday and was unable to post my regular Sunday Illustration.
Another Tasha...... I am sensing a theme. I think the reason she is on my mind lately is the fact she was an incredible mother with a creative free spirit that thrived amidst her children. It was almost as if she was a child herself in a way that she never seemed to lose her sense of wonder and creativity that we are sometimes forced to lose just by the cruel reality of the world. She did all that and was a very successful Illustrator, a mama artist. I need her right now,maybe more so than ever before. She made it happen, so then so can I.
Big changes are ahead and I am just hoping that along the way I don't give up my dream. Like I said before, I have wanted to be an Illustrator since I was a child and I still don't have a back up plan.

Beachcombing bliss....

Late February storms rolled in......

winter2010-11 210

the perfect season for finding beach treasures.......

winter2010-11 209

I had the cold windy beach all to myself......

winter2010-11 208

winter2010-11 215

Sophie enjoyed playing in the sea foam.....
winter2010-11 220
winter2010-11 223

winter2010-11 238

The small dark spot in the water is a Sea Lion head poking up for air...they swam close to shore as Sophie and I looked for agates and other treasures...there were several out in this little bay...I was almost tempted to jump in with them....
winter2010-11 213

winter2010-11 211
You didn't really think I spent a few days at the ocean without finding a few treasures did you? of course I can't resist sharing them here with you....

rocks 048


rocks 039

rocks 055
rocks 057