Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beautiful skies........

winter2010-11 225

winter2010-11 228

winter2010-11 236

winter2010-11 234

winter2010-11 237

winter2010-11 218

winter2010-11 230

I wanted to share some photos of the ever changing beautiful skies we witnessed during our stay on the cost. Although the weather was much colder this year than last(when it was in the 70's and I was barefoot)....storm watching from bed is pretty amazing too. Our room was right next to the Ocean and it was hard for me to be indoors despite the weather.


house full of jays said...

This pictures are stunning and very dreamy. I think I could happily stare at them for a long time.

MJ said...

I LOVE these pictures, so so beautiful!!

simona said...

Wow, Heidi, these are amazing photos! I can never get enough of these type shots!

Unknown said...

hmmm... lost my comment.....

hi there, beautiful skies. somuch interest in the clouds.