Friday, October 3, 2014

Papa's Beach Birthday


We went to the coast last weekend for Papa's Birthday. It was one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen at the ocean. Simply stunning, take your breath away kind of beautiful. Best part was we had Nana there to share it with too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Knit Along and the Flock and Fiber Festival 2014

 This year I was lucky to have my mom in town for a visit so we got to stroll around together at the annual Flock and Fiber Festival at our own pace kid free which was pretty lovely in itself. I really admire the dedication and passion that the fiber artist have for their crafts. I only bought one skein of yarn this year and a cute knit lamb purse that I plan to give to Nalah for Christmas. It can be a little overwhelming. My favorite part is visiting the fiber animals, they crack me up and bring me joy. Just look at the little baby alpaca, awe.

This inspired me to get back on track with the Knit Alongs with Ginny from Small Things and share a few of my recent knitting projects.
Some recent knitting projects that I finally have finished and off the needles and ready to ship off to a dear friend of mine are a Triceratops from the pattern Prehistoric Pals that you can find at KnittingAtKnoon and an Easy Baby Cardigan from the book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
I just love these Dinos this is the fifth dinosaur I have made from the Pattern and I enjoy knitting them every time. It is such a well written ingenious pattern. I am in awe of folks who can think in stitches like that.

I have had this little sweater waiting around for ages to be mailed off I sure hope it will still fit the little guy it was made for. Fingers crossed!

I have read several good books in the last few weeks including Breathless by Anne Sward and Once Upon A River by  Bonnie Jo Campbell. Fall is such a great time for knitting and reading. I am hoping to keep up with the weekly Knit Alongs follow along with Ginny to share what your reading and knitting and see what other knitters are up to.
Welcome October!