Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quickberry, Quackberry, Pick me a blackberry!

Rumble and ramble
In blackberry bramble
Billion of berries

for blackberry jamble

(from Jamberry by Bruce Degen)

Blackberry pancakes.....Solomon approved.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Wisconsin ....smell the dairy-air.(hehe, i stole that from a cheddarhead t-shirt)

It has been a long time since my last post....and I have way too many pictures to prove it(as you will soon find out). Our trip home to Wisconsin was lovely and It was so wonderful to see all of our family! It was a lot of traveling though and it took me a while to recover....hence the delay in my posting. I am so proud of my kids for being so good on the trip down to the wedding in Iowa..it was a LONG drive..We got lost in the middle of nowhere on the way back while the sky turned an eerie shade of pinkish red as a thunderstorm rolled in. I can't tell you how many nightmares I have had that begin the same way. But we made it.
It was so wonderful to see good friends and family, some for the very first time. As always time went WAY too fast and we only got to do a handful of things we had hoped to do.
It is kind of like giving birth....going home that is....you forget all the pain you went through(travel woes) as time goes on and only remember the wonderful moments, and before you know your doing it all over again.
Hopefully our dear family members will come visit US next.

Wildflowers on the bluffs near La Crosse.
Sophie and her grandpa...on a rare break from Guitar Hero.
Solomon ...so tiny in the firetruck.
Promises kept to my dear Sophie, I can't believe I can still skate.

This made me so happy, It has been ages since I last caught a toad(or even seen one for that matter).

Swimmin with Nana..
Faerie sandcastles.
Trempeleau .....I try to see this place with fresh eyes and find peace with past.

A dear friend who was lost way too soon.

Sophie enjoying the view from Forrest's overlook .