Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A faerie throne and lighthouses

Well our first day provided an optimistic light for our short spring break. Sunshine on the coast?! The many rain showers we drove through simply vanished into endless blue sky. The rest of our trip proved to be wet and cold. I am very happy that Ben and I purchased a new sleeping bag for the trip, we needed it. The yurt was COLD! Much,much colder than the yurts in Oregon. I slept like a baby though, both nights, must have been the sound of the ocean, best white noise ever. I am usually a night owl, trying to sneak in a few hours of drawing,sewing,or knitting while my motherhood is momentarily at pause while the kids are asleep. On our trip we pretty much went to bed when the sun went down and woke up just as it was rising,quite a change for me,but refreshing.

I pretty much expected the rain so I looked up the local thrift shops before our trip and we spend a good part of our Monday hitting thrift shops all up and down Hwy 101. I scored some fabric,Sophie found several books, Ben got a bunch of records, and Solomon is the proud new owner of a wooden Semi-Truck. On the last day we drove back down to the Oregon beaches before heading home. I was a bit disappointed by Cape Disappointments lack of rocks, it was nothing but one heck of a long sandy beach(there was however, quite an amazing selection of driftwood), so we had to hit my old reliable spot in order for me to feel satisfied. However,it was high tide and many other folks had the same idea. I only left with two small milk agates after braving the tides and a sideways blowing rain shower.
Maybe next time........

p.s.I made a faerie throne with the hopes of suprizing Sophie.She found it in the car before I could. We put it in the woods behind our yurt and the faeries left Sophie a whole sand dollar in return.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dream pets.....

It would have to be a Sheep. I laughed so hard just looking at their funny faces and wild unkempt hair - do's. I mean, how could you be angry or sad if you had a face like that to look at every day.
My favorite part of the zoo is the Sea Lions. They put on a little show swimming back flips in front of the glass over and over again,and they peek in just to make sure someone is watching. I could spend all day watching them.
So I guess my ideal future home will have space for Sea Lions and Sheep. Hey, here in Oregon it is do-able.We once visited the boat docks in Astoria and saw a man who had two huge Sea Lions sleeping on his boat and one on the dock right next to him. He even had names for them....I will have to see if I can find the pictures I took.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Keep on the sunny side

I can't wait to get my garden started this year. Spring is on it's way despite the freak snow last weekend. I haven't spent much time outside since we all came down with the flu. I can't wait to get out of the city. It is such a tease to be in a city surrounded by mountains and waterfalls. I want out!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Boy Shoes

After playing outside with the kids the other day I realized that Solomon was in need of some real outside shoes. Felted Mongolian booties are good for inside but are not the best for playing in the garden box.
Solomon is now the proud owner of "big boy shoes". He had a great time laughing out loud in the store as we tried on several pairs of shoes.He thought a shoe on his foot was the silliest thing. I was feeling like I was watching life on fast forward. How could he already fit into boy shoes?.. not baby shoes, he wears the smallest size in the little boy section. He was so proud wearing them in the store, he didn't want to take them off. Although we HAD to take them off just for a minute to get him out of the cart, he demanded I put them back on for the drive home.
He has this habit of taking of his socks and slippers in the car, so when I come in back to take him out of his seat he is happily barefoot....every time. Sure,it is cute but becomes very annoying when we have several stops or when we are in a hurry. I am happy to report that he didn't get these suckers off. I guess the big boy shoes aren't so bad after all.