Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Boy Shoes

After playing outside with the kids the other day I realized that Solomon was in need of some real outside shoes. Felted Mongolian booties are good for inside but are not the best for playing in the garden box.
Solomon is now the proud owner of "big boy shoes". He had a great time laughing out loud in the store as we tried on several pairs of shoes.He thought a shoe on his foot was the silliest thing. I was feeling like I was watching life on fast forward. How could he already fit into boy shoes?.. not baby shoes, he wears the smallest size in the little boy section. He was so proud wearing them in the store, he didn't want to take them off. Although we HAD to take them off just for a minute to get him out of the cart, he demanded I put them back on for the drive home.
He has this habit of taking of his socks and slippers in the car, so when I come in back to take him out of his seat he is happily barefoot....every time. Sure,it is cute but becomes very annoying when we have several stops or when we are in a hurry. I am happy to report that he didn't get these suckers off. I guess the big boy shoes aren't so bad after all.

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