Thursday, October 8, 2009

Free Styling Halloween

Solomon modeling my tails....Look at his sweet shadow.

Things have been very busy around here. This is a busy time of year for a costume making mama....and her little models. My costumes are currently being sold at Piccolina and Plue here in Portland. I got a really nice review here.
I am also (as a costume making mama) busy planning the costumes for my own two kiddos.
Sophie has been really great into turning this dream costume into something I can make for her. We spent a night last weekend just the two of us, hunting around the fabric shop. I am a little nervous though....I guess I like the stress of not having a pattern, of cutting up fabric and hoping for the best. That is how I roll.
I though I had a really creative idea for Solomon's costume, but I have seen similar costume ideas in a few Halloween magazines. I am free styling his costume as well. If I haven't already told you(which I probably have if you have talked to me in the last month or so) you will have to wait and see. The idea of him wearing it makes me laugh, I hope it all works out. I can't wait to share their costumes when I am done.
Am I sick of making dragon tails yet??? No, not yet. It is sad what a thrill it is to switchover to a new color. I found a great magenta colored corduroy that I cant wait to bust into. People seem to like the green the best.
I llove hearing about the kids who will be getting tails for their Halloween costumes this year. One little girl got a custom tail for a Loch Ness monster costume. I hope they send me a picture!
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