Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yarn Along: a sidewalk pixie and a slow going sweater





Nalah is sporting her new pixie hat. I totally freaked out the day after I made it when I had her in the backpack in her new hat and walked to New Seasons market to get some limes. I was sure she had her hat on but when I glanced behind me at the checkout she didn't have it on. I traced my footsteps and asked the people who worked there if anyone had seen a hat. I was sure we had just dropped it moments before. No one could find it, it wasn't by the limes and no one had turned one in. I walked home sad but hopeful that maybe we would find it on our walk must have fallen off on the way to the market. But sadly all the way home hat. So by the time we made it home I was really irritated and mad that someone had stolen Nalah's new hat. But when we walked in the front door her hat was sitting on the floor. Duh!


 I also made her some little legwarmers for chilly legs from riding in the Ergo baby carrier, it tends to make her little pants ride up and exposes her legs on our cool morning hikes up Mt Tabor Park together. Now she is ever so toasty. I plan on making her more and adding a few pairs on my Etsy shop very soon.
Solomon got a new hat and is modeling my new drop stitch cowl. His hat was just made up as well as Nalah's hat but this cowl is a real pattern found here. A fun quick knit, this is my third Drop stitch Cowl.



In the mean time I am still chugging away ever so slowly on my Aidez. I don't have a lot of knitting time where I can concentrate on the pattern( when my kids are no where in sight). I have both sleeves and a front panel and a half complete..just need to finish off the other half and then knit the back panel. I am going to skip the lattice work on the back since I don't really like it and my hair is down to my waist and would cover it anyway. I am not cheating, it was my intent all along. I had hoped to finish this by now, especially when I noticed on Ravelry that many other folks knit the whole thing in two weeks!!!
As far as reading I am reading Embracing Persephone. Now that I have a 12 year old daughter(as of last week) I am trying to find right ways of dealing with the changes in behavior as she becomes less of a child and more of a little lady.
Hopefully I finish my sweater before she leaves for college! ;)
Joining Ginny today for the Yarn Along.


Donna said...

Oh my gosh I love those little legwarmers!

Anonymous said...

Josie is a sweet handful! Now that our kids are grown and gone, she's our baby and we've spoiled her rotten. Thanks for reading and commenting. Your children and their knits are so beautiful!

April said...

Those legwarmers - swoooon!!! Let us know when they are up on etsy :)

Unknown said...

Love those legwarmers also! And how fun to be cozy for walk!