Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A bittersweet milestone...

bigboybed 004
Fist time in his bed.

Solomon has moved out of our bed into his own little bed. He is so very happy and proud to have his own little bed too. His little bed has been sitting in the corner of our room without a mattress since May. It has been a dumping ground for spare blankets and boxes of yarn.
When I first started researching mattress for him on-line I came across several articles that discussed all the nasty chemicals that are used to make infant mattresses. I got a little paranoid about buying something toxic for him to sleep on(ignorance is bliss). We saved for months to get enough to buy him a natural mattress but whenever we came close another expense would come up and the money would disappear(like in the movie UP).
We decided to use or Christmas money we were gifted from family to finally purchase the mattress and get our little guys bed put together just in time for his 3rd Birthday.
The morning it came Solomon and his big sister were both very excited. Sophie brought in some of her old blankets and got it all set up for him. Much to my surprise Solomon jumped right in at his nap time and fell asleep with a big smile on his face.
It took years for us to get Sophie out of our family bed and into her own, she was a co-sleeper until first grade. Even though our children are seven years apart, we got our first child out of our bed just months before the second one came to join us. So when Solomon was still eager and more than happy to sleep in his bed that night I was a little shocked. I thought there would be more of an ease into it, more of a transition time. Sollie didn't need it, but mama did. I missed him that first night, missed holding his hand while I fell asleep, and his warmth, I even missed getting kicked in the head all night.
I know some folks probably thing I am nuts cause after all he is 3 years old. But it was bittersweet for me. He is growing up fast. His little bed is parked next to ours(although on Papa's side) and I can still hear him breath and talk in his sleep. I need to let him be a big boy one bittersweet moment at a time.
bigboybed 001
Solomon helping Papa put the bed together back in May.


Tessa said...

so sweet. or should i say bittersweet? Jorah moved out of our bed much sooner, because we were moving he and Elijah out at the SAME TIME (and they are 5 years apart).

mom said...


How wonderful that it was such an easy transition though! Kaius just turned 2, and sometimes (not that often...yet!) I wonder how we'll ever get him into a separate bed. Maybe he'll just move himself out one day?!

Mama Gone Green said...

He looks so peaceful!

Liz said...

My daughter was the same way when we finally set up her bed just before she turned two. I figured we would slowly transition, but she loved having her own space. But after a little while she started joining us in our bed again part way through the night, and that's how she spends each night now -- starts out in her bed and then joins us between 2 am and 7am.

busygnomes said...

Sweet bed, yes, my three year old is still in our bed, and I secretly love it.
I mean, really, who ever has children knows that just because you go to sleep in your own bed, dosen't mean you'll wake up in it. The 10 year old hops in bed with Dad, 5 year old hops in my bed with alice and dan usually ends up in the cot!
Muscial beds, normal...

Anna said...

Oh Heidi, sooo sweet. I know what you mean though. My boys are six years apart, and E. slept with us right up until J arrived. J (3) now sleeps with his big brother through half the night and then into ours. I don't know what I am going to do when I have no babes in my bed anymore. Peace and love. Anna