Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few knit gifts.....

knitting 124

A sweater for my Dad's dog Cinnamon. I used the pattern from the knitting book Stitch and Bitch. I have made this pattern 4 times and I really quite like the way it looks. I can't wait to make one for our future family dog.
By the way, Cinnamon loved it and didn't want to take it off. When my Dad took it off of him to go out in the rain he tried to get it back on himself, it was pretty funny.

knitting 130

Oh and that reminds me, I tried this sweater on Milo, our cat. And he liked it too! He rolled around in it purring. I took a picture with my phone, but don't know how to get it onto the computer as my phone isn't connected to the internet(shocking, I know).

knitting 128
A new hat for Dad, a yearly ritual.

knitting 133
A hat for my Brother-in-law,"Uncle Q-way". Don't mind the yo-yo action in the background.

I am happy to say I managed to squeeze a few knitted gifts in over the holidays, on time, despite my 50+ pairs of of toddler mittens( btw,did I mentions I am making more?). There would have been another to share but it ended with a felting mishap. Still working on Holiday gifts over here....including re-knitting, and re-felting the gift that malfunctioned.
I will catch up, one of these days.


Mama Gone Green said...

The dog sweater is adorable. Makes me wish I had a small dog to dress up!

City Sister said...

I made hats this year too...They were a fun little project!