Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day trip......

winter2010-11 093

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My family and I were able to get out of the city for a little while over the holiday weekend. We just jumped in the car and headed up toward the mountains, with no real plans. We found a cute little town with some really nice people, local artist's murals all over and funky little shops. What is better than small town thrift stores(home of the cowboy in the photo above)? I dream of driving cross country with no other purpose other than finding weird small town businesses and thrift stores, that is what I will do if I win the lottery someday(well that and get all my much needed dental work done).
I love discovering new places. The weather has been so wet that I was just about going mad with cabin fever. I start to get a little claustrophobic when I am in the city too long as well. I am pretty easy to please, but I do miss the ocean and I can wait for the weather to improve so we can get out that way before my prime rockhunting season is over. There is some pretty bad flooding and mudslides all over our area from excessive rain, and warm temperatures melting the mountain snow. I will have to be patient, I guess. Time to catch up on my knitting projects!

And check out this beautiful mural we found in an alley, I just love it:

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