Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Party Essentails.....

The crown:
sollie's 3rd birthday 022

sollie's 3rd birthday 024

sollie's 3rd birthday 027

The decorations:
sollie's 3rd birthday 030

(he picked the fabrics out himself... "Lellow!")
sollie's 3rd birthday 036

sollie's 3rd birthday 035

sollie's 3rd birthday 032

(A tradition since he was born, I like to hang up photos of Sollie from through out the year to look back and remember as he moves on to another year.)

The Music:
sollie's 3rd birthday 040

Two of the best kids albums ever! Mom and Dad friendly too! I just Love Medeski, Martin and Wood and when they made a kids album a few years back(2008) I had to get in for the kids. This is our second copy the first one got stolen out of our car. The Keller William's album is very new(2010) and is great fun to listen too. I bought it especially for Solomon's party. Keller's daughter sings with him on several song's which always makes me tear up, I just can't handle little kids is too precious!


Tessa said...

so sweet. i love the traditions. especially the pictures. if i could ever get my but in gear to PRINT my pictures, that would be awesome. xoxox

Mama Gone Green said...

All the kiddos had a blast. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that banner... the bells are just so cute!