Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Unexpected treasure....

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It is no secret that I am a huge rock hound. If I am at the ocean or a rocky mountain river beach I can not help myself from searching for a little treasure.My very patient husband has sat in the car reading a book with a napping baby at the coast, in the pouring rain, many times...while I completely lost myself in treasure hunting trance. One time about a year ago at the ocean, the tsunami sirens went off while I was on an isolated beach...alone...I only panicked for a moment before remembering that it was the monthly testing day.
I started really getting into rock hunting when Solomon was a newborn. It became a great meditative stress reducing activity, much like knitting is to me.
Anyway, this was the best kind of treasure, found at unexpected times when rock hunting isn't in my plan. We planned just to hike for a bit(nowhere near water), and get some outside foggy morning time, when I found these two lovely treasures. I know the little red one is an agate, but not sure yet about the other. If you know, please do tell. Hiking may never be the same for me now.

7 comments: said...

pearly opal - sure looks like it's from some ocean creature.

Ooooh the fog and the dewy spider web!!! Wow how gorgeous. ; )

gardenmama said...

These photos are absolutely stunning and so peaceful, I know exactly the feelings you are sharing as you know I am the very same when it comes to finding stone treasures! I also find it to be quite a meditation and it is hard to leave once searching! I found myself this summer turning this to finding sea glass, I found so much of it and knew it was there it was tough to leave the beach I kept saying to myself just one more, just one more and then that one turned into three and four : ) You know how that goes! I love that you had this time and that you came across such exciting finds! I had to laugh when someone pointed out on one of my tutorials involving stones that there is currently many feet of snow on the ground just how would they find a stone? I seemed to forget not everyone has windowsills and drawers and..... full with stone collections : )

Tessa said...

love the photos.
the blakes are here visiting (just got here) and they are total rock hounds!

Mama Gone Green said...

Great finds! And awesome spider web pictures!

The Fairy's Apprentice said...

Beautiful pictures, you are deffinitely an artist!

a little crafty nest said...

Hi there! I recently found your blog and am so blown away by your crisp, beautiful photos. Such artistry and atmosphere. I'll be back:)
xo Jules

Kristin H said...

Zach says the first pic looks like a boulder opal - very cool!!