Saturday, January 22, 2011

For a friend.....

knitting 166

knitting 171

knitting 164

knitting 151

knitting 172

I got some worrisome news a few weeks ago that a friend of mine from High School just got diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to make her a hat to wear as she undergoes her chemotherapy.I asked around to see what colors she likes and her cousin sent me a photo of her in a green dress that was her signature color. I had fun searching out the Local yarn stores for the perfect yarn for her(and I got a bit of mama alone time too). I think the yarn I found came very close .I found this cute pattern on Ravelry after hunting around on there for days. It was fun to knit and although a few of my rows didn't measure up in the end it still worked out, It was a good knitting project for alone time when I could count, and concentrate, not so good when my kids were running around and jumping on me.
My friend is only 29 years old and a mama, please send her blessings of healing and health. She has a great attitude and I know she can beat this!


Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Heidi, how beautiful! Sending loving healing thoughts to your friend- may she have peace and strength during her battle with cancer.

Mama Gone Green said...

It came out great.... you are so sweet.

W-S Wanderings said...

It is beautiful, and is full of your positive energy...ready to be shared with your friend.

Kerry said...

Thinking of your friend and her family... and you. What a dear and thoughtful friend you are.