Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Please help me help them!

Sending prayers to the families of those lost in the storms.

 I am scared to death of tornadoes. I have had reoccurring nightmares where I am surrounded by them. The long, narrow, twisting ones. The sky is filled with them and I just watch them surround me. Often times I am in my childhood home and my parents are both outside doing mundane chores such as mowing the lawn and hanging laundry on the line to dry. I am desperate to get them to come inside and down into the basement but they just act like it is no big deal and continue on with their yard work. In my dreams the tornadoes never actually get me, it is just purely the horror of the anticipation.
I started having these dreams when I was teenager after I witnessed the tragic accidental death of a friend. I am sure it is just my brains way of processing death and the inescapable nature of it. I wish these dreams would resolve, but I still get them, weekly.

I grew up in the Midwest where tornadoes were a very real threat. I have never been in one or seen one in my real life. To me they are just a surreal nightmare. But unfortunately they are very real. I can't imagine having to go through what so many people are dealing with right now after the recent tornadoes that have ripped across middle part of our country. 
I really want to help them.

I pledge to donate 25% of my HumbleLuna sales for the rest of the month of May(at least) to help the victims of the tornado in Oklahoma. I don't have money to give but I am hoping to raise money the only way I can at the moment.  I really want to help. Please help me help them!!

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