Monday, May 20, 2013

On the river....... again






I have been blessed with a lot of rock hunting time in the past few weeks. It can be very addictive, once you find a treasure it is hard to stop. I was able to get back to my spot on the Sandy River this weekend, it couldn't have been better rock hunting weather..sunny and warm with bursts of clouds and showers. Just enough rain to get the rocks wet and then the sun would come out and make the agates and the jasper glow.
I also found some treasure here in the city along the Willamette River. We often visit a park along the river to get our dog fix(we don't have a dog but want one badly). Nalah loves to watch them swim and play. The water level is high and the beach is scarce, but small colorful bit of jasper and agate have washed up pretty much into the woods.
I need to take some more pictures of my treasures this week so I can show them off!

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Mama Gone Green said...

fun! we should plan a trip together one day soon when the weather is nice. I would love to have a day by the river...