Saturday, October 29, 2011

Time to relax.....

(Picture from a trip with friends to the Sandy River in Oxbow park earlier in the week)

Whew, that was a crazy month of sewing! I am so thankful for all the business I have had this month at HumbleLuna. 20% of my October sales will be donated to to help families with a child who is battling cancer. Grateful for all the support, and grateful I can make a difference for the organization.
I made over 30 costumes this month for my Etsy shop and have finally finished Solomon's homemade superman costume and helped Sophie alter a costume she found to fit her just right. So glad she didn't need a costume from scratch this year, I don't think I could have pulled it off. It was a last minute rush to get her costume ready for the Harvest festival at her school Friday night.
Solomon chose to be superman several weeks ago and I hunted all over for a plain blue pair of long underwear and a pair of tiny red breifs to go over the top. Then he decided he wanted to be a dragon, than a spider dragon then a bat, then after I showed him his finished costume he said "Ok, Fine mom I will be superman." Not that I was pushing the superman thing, I would prefer to make a more original costume.....this is my passion after all. But after so much sewing I am just happy that they have costumes at all at this point.
Check out the gnome and the turtle from years past.
Right now I am thankful for a little time off from the sewing machine. I am hoping to get out and enjoy this beautiful autumn out in the woods at some point this weekend.
Hope you all have a pleasant Autumn weekend!


MamaWestWind said...

Whew, you have been busy! My Owen will be so darling in his costume. Thanks so much again for the giveaway and trade!

Mama Gone Green said...

The photo before the camera died..... ;)