Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Fruit Loop Tour (part one: a new patch)

On Sunday my family and I took a day trip along the Fruit Loop Tour near Mt Hood. I had been waiting weeks for good sunny weather with clear skies, if we were going to be that close to the mountain, I wanted to be able to see it(and take a billion pictures of it). The weather was warm sunny and beautiful and it couldn't have been nicer weather for a scenic drive and visits to several farms in Hood River County.
I took many many photos and would love to share as many as possible so I am just going to break my posts down into the different farms that we visited. Our first stop was the pumpkin patch at Rasmussen Farms. It was fun and kind of a relief not to have to take the bumpy hay ride we usually endure to get to our old trusty patch, and it was much less crowed with the city being much farther away, even on a Sunday.








Mama Gone Green said...

Look at that cute bump!!!

Baby By The Sea said...

So fantastic -- you look amazing and I love the pumpkin patch hat. Lovely photos.

April said...

Love the belly! How many weeks are you?!