Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday in the Enchanted Forest......

Sophie had a pretty busy weekend celebrating her 10th Birthday. She had an ice skating sleepover with her best friend and then Sophie, Solomon and Grandpa Tony and I went to the Enchanted Forest near Salem. Sophie had talked about wanting to go there for years, we drive past yearly when we make our way down to Eugene for the Oregon Country Fair. She mentioned wanting to go there for her Birthday this year. I was a little hesitant because we don't have a lot of money to spend and also it was kind of a long drive for me to do alone with the kids. Luckily my Dad happened to win tickets to the theme park and decided to join us!! She had a nice sunny DRY day, which was kind of a miracle.
I wanted to share some photos of this place. It was WEIRD man...but in a real great kind of way.
If you are ever near Salem, Oregon with a few hours to kill I recommend it. It is not handicap or wheelchair friendly, however. The park is built on a steep hillside and there are a few tight squeezes. .It was just so Bizarre, I can't really explain but I can show you.I wish I could meet the guy who dreamed this place up.

spring2011 120
The entrance to the storybook lane was through the castle. This is where we began our adventure.

spring2011 122

spring2011 125
The kids were more than a bit hesitant to visit the house from Hansel and Gretel......

spring2011 126

spring2011 129

spring2011 128
Down the Rabbit hole? I think not...I tried to go through, but this tunnel was small and pitch black and twisty and this mama is way to claustrophobic for playing in underground cement tunnels. Sophie and Sollie made it through though. Sophie made Sollie go first, just to make sure.

spring2011 132
This was in the pitch black mine of The Seven Dwarfs.

spring2011 135
Solomon wasn't so sure about this one. Can you blame him?

spring2011 140

spring2011 139
Watch your step(especially old guys ;)

spring2011 141
This was painted in the crooked house. A little freaky, no?

spring2011 143
Peter, Peter, pumpkin eater....

spring2011 144
The kids spent a lot of time at the shoe slide.
spring2011 145

spring2011 146

spring2011 148
The Haunted house, it was Sophie's idea. Sophie was looking forward to this on the drive to the park. We made it in the first room and Sophie had enough. Too scary, even for big 10 year olds!

Time for a little innocent fun after that...
spring2011 157
spring2011 153
spring2011 159

spring2011 149
The old English Village...
spring2011 164
All the figures were robotic, they talked to one another and moved.
spring2011 165
spring2011 163
Puppets in Pinocchio's playhouse.

Our visit ended with a few peanut butter and Jellies and a free watershow. This was so funny, I wish you could have heard the music...
spring2011 168

What a surreal Birthday adventure, a great time was had by all.


Mama Gone Green said...

Looks really surreal... and it looks like the place was empty.. I feel like I have to check it out just because your pictures makes it seem so weird!

Anonymous said...

It was steep - slippery - but I survived - very cute place but a little scary for little kids - a little scary for mom's and old guys too!!!!!!

Sew Flippin Cool said...

We went last summer. I love this place and was just thinking about it yesterday and how I can't wait till summer so we can go back . I had no idea they are open year round! Glad your big kid had a good birthday! 10! Wow!! PZ turned 5 in February and I'm still reeling. :)

Katie said...

it does look a bit scary. what a strange place. and it looks like you were the only ones there! adding to the creepy element. I stopped by to see your 'moment' today. VERY sweet. but this intrigued me. have a great weekend!
and a happy birthday to your Sophie!

Melissa said...

We have a place similar to this back home in PA that my grandparents used to love taking us. It looks just as creepy weird as your pictures. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, and a happy Birth Day to you, Mama!