Saturday, April 23, 2011

Handmade Easter

What could that be hiding in the grass?
stuffimake 173
Felted Easter baskets of course. I winged them, made from stash wool. Crocus colors, although I haven't seen a crocus since February.
stuffimake 176
The handles haven't stayed up since they dried, but no worries. Our kitty Lola getting in on the action.
stuffimake 177
And what do you see peeking out of the baskets?
stuffimake 185
Well, "Bunny Nuggets", of course. Pattern found on Ravelry, designed by Rebecca Danger.
stuffimake 184
They are just as cute from behind...
stuffimake 181
Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


Tessa said...

so cute!

Mama Gone Green said...

Super sweet! Your baskets came out great!You should sell your pattern for next year.. I will buy it!
I made 3 of the chubby chicks, also by rebecca danger. I will hopefully get around to posting them tomorrow! Happy Easter!