Saturday, April 9, 2011

Handmade Birthday gifts...........

Even thought it was almost a week ago I wanted to share a few handmade gifts I made for Sophie's Birthday. She has been taking Ice skating lessons and needed a bag to carry her skates to and from practice. I made this skate bag from some of my stash fabric. The inside is lined with the same fabric as the ice skate appliques.
stuffimake 171

stuffimake 160

No Ice skating outfit is complete without funky leg warmers. She knew about these and planned the colors blue and white, cause blue and white are ice princess colors( I love that,she is still a little girl although she acts like a teenager). The big pocket in the front of the bag is intended for her new legwarmers.

stuffimake 161

stuffimake 166

stuffimake 165

Can you find Sophie?
stuffimake 164

Now she is all set.
stuffimake 170
She just joined the track team at her school too so I am going to have to make another bag for her to keep her track stuff in.

I also knit her up a few cute headbands. I couldn't get her to model for me yet so I just snapped a quick photo of them. I found the pattern free on Ravelry.
stuffimake 172


embracingitall said...

Everything you have made for her birthday is lovely. Is the ice-skating rink in a shopping centre? If so, how fun! Hope she is enjoying learning to skate. Jacinta

Heidi said...

Yes Jacinta,
The Ice Rink is in the mall.There has been lots of interesting things that have happened while we are there to watch her skate, some even a little scary. Big city malls are full of action.

Mama Gone Green said...

It all came out great!