Tuesday, April 26, 2011


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Last year when Sollie was still a beginning talker he called Dandelions "DinnyLineys".
I love that so much, I still call them that.
We found a huge bloom of Solomon's favorite flower at the park a few days ago. The kids had a blast playing in them. They even decorated the pine trees with them, I figured it was okay, there was plenty to spare. We will have to go back and run through the seeds in a few days.


MJ said...

Oh how i wish I could roll around in those Dinnyliney's too!! Absolutely gorgeous, and magical, and such a special place. Can't wait to see follow up pics!

Mama Ash Grove said...

Oh Dinnylineyes is a far better word for them!
How fun- we love dandelions too. They're the perfect kid flower!

Baby By The Sea said...

Glad I stumbled upon you and I think you've got a great children's book title there. My ladies have been worshiping the hundreds of dinnylines in our yard. Beautiful pictures, and I've really had a great look around your blog. Nice stuff, thoughtful narratives.

Megan said...

What fantastic fun!