Monday, November 1, 2010

The turtle and the vampire...

Halloween2010 028

Halloween2010 031

Halloween2010 001

Halloween2010 032

Halloween2010 016

Halloween2010 015

Halloween2010 013

I had a lot of fun with the kids costumes this year. They do however remind of last years costumes in a way. Sophie being the spooky darker character and Solomon being the whimsical funny character. I will admit that Solomon wanted to be a ghost but I really wanted to make him a turtle costume. Lets face it I don't have much time at all before my opinion on costumes will no longer matter for him,even if I am the one who makes it. He warmed up to the idea of turtle once he saw me making his shell. I think I really miss dressing up for Halloween parties and I have to live through my kids now. Notice Sophie's detailed drawing? She makes one every year for me to follow and we go to the fabric store together to try and find the fabrics that will help make it a reality.. I have to admit I love the challenge. Now, What to make for next year?


Mama Gone Green said...

you got some great shots. I wish I would have had Finn put his costume on before it got dark. All of my pictures had to have flash and didnt come out as great..

Mama Ash Grove said...

Great costumes! I love how involved your little girl gets in designing her own costume!
I am in love with that style hat- with the point and the ties- did you make that pattern up? I'd love to make one.
Your children are so sweet- I love the name Solomon!