Monday, November 29, 2010

Tiny tea luminaries.....

I was at a friends house a few weeks ago when I noticed a beautiful homemade lantern on their dinner table that her son had made in preschool. Since I teach a weekly craft hour with children and I am always looking for simple and beautiful craft ideas for children. I was so excited with the idea of making these sweet little luminaries in time for Thanksgiving. My friend also happened to have box of baby food jars that she gave me to use. Later I found a bunch of tea lights at a thrift store that fit in the jars perfectly.
All you need to do is brush a layer of glue onto the jar, then stick on pieces of torn tissue paper and then cover tissue with another layer if glue to smooth it out. Light and enjoy!
Warning they are incredibly addictive to make. I can't seem to stop making them. They are slowly filling the dark corners of our home.They glowed on our Thanksgiving table as we gave thanks for our blessings. As we near the Winter Solstice these warm little luminaries warm our souls and bring much needed light into the darkness.
These would make perfect gifts for family and friends from your sweet child.
Thanks for the idea Hope!
p.s. You can see more beautiful homemade lanterns here.

fall2010 318

fall2010 314

fall2010 315


gardenmama said...

they are so lovely heidi!
and yes, ever so addicting to make!
these warming lanterns certainly do bring that much needed light into the darkness of winter, beautiful job!

Wintry said...

What a great idea! We'll be making these at Tumbleweeds! Thanks for sharing!

W-S Wanderings said...

Its been ages since we've made some of these. Middling just asked what craft we could do today -- now I have an answer! Thanks for the inspiration.