Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autumn's Glory....

fall2010 219

fall2010 211

fall2010 206

fall2010 227

fall2010 226

fall2010 235

fall2010 230

fall2010 233

fall2010 240

fall2010 241

We have been hiking whenever we can these days, between downpours. I find Autumn walks in the woods to be very inspiring and peaceful.
Mushrooms of many colors and sizes were every where. I also saw a huge bird fly off with a small furry animal from the forest floor. It looked like a hawk with a bunny. I didn't get a photo of that as it happened very quickly. Ben missed it, and I am not sure if he believed me until we heard the bird shriek from the tree tops as we hiked down the trail.
I just love the totem pole with the gnome couple on top. It is adorable.... and very multicultural. There were Native American symbols and animals carved all around it. It was in a dark area of the forest and hard to photograph.
All these photos were taken at The Magness Tree Farm. If you happen to go there, keep an eye out for a green hat with eyes on it. We lost Solomon's turtle hat out there somewhere....bummer. At least it happened after Halloween.

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Mama Gone Green said...

Looks beautiful! I have been itching for a hike, but just cant seem to make it work. Hopefully Thursday.