Monday, November 8, 2010

Faerie homes

Wandering through the woods on a beautiful Autumn morning I came across several potential Faerie homes. These homes were beautiful but much more humble than the castles we discovered in the past of the Faeries who live near the ocean.

fall2010 238

fall2010 225

fall2010 224

fall2010 220

fall2010 207

fall2010 223

fall2010 205

fall2010 229

fall2010 203


Mama Gone Green said...

I so wish I was hiking right now....

Anna said...

I love the stump with all the door holes in it.
I have finally read through your entire blog. I loved it, and as I read I kept finding all these things we have in common.
I would love to know where the "hobbit trails" are. And where is that Zoltar machine? Your sketch of the daisies, is lovely. Peace and love. Anna