Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rare and simple beauty.....

fall2010 326

fall2010 324

fall2010 323

fall2010 325

fall2010 321

The little puddles of light that the sun creates in our home are rare and simple beauties these days. I often try and get outside as much as I can when the sun makes a rare appearance here in the Pacific Northwest winter. When I am caught at home at such moments I find myself chasing sun puddles around the house like a cat...basking in the rare moments of golden light. This time of year reminds me what a gift the sun is... and not a simple gift at all.
A true blessing indeed.


gardenmama said...

i love this post so very much heidi and your description of 'puddle of light' is lovely! it is so true the sun certainly is such an incredible gift!

Anna said...

It looks like both you and I are having "sun issues". Peace and love. Anna

Mama Ash Grove said...

these are beautiful photos~
I am the same way, I so love the patches of light around our home as well- I have taken many photos of them!