Monday, November 15, 2010

A contest and a funny story.....

milk contest1

At the end of September we entered a contest to win milk for a year through Organic Valley. The contest was to take a photo of a person drinking Organic Valley milk. I though It would be cute to dress the kids up as cookies or little cows and we came across a perfect little cow costume for free at the Swap Shop. My plan was to have Solomon wear it and make Sophie a cookie costume to wear. Well we waited to long and the cookie costume never happened. So baby cow Solomon would have to do. The problem is Solomon refuses to drink milk, even chocolate milk, he really doesn't like it. I was going to put an M&M candy in the empty milk carton to bribe him put it up to his mouth long enough to take a picture or two. I thought my sneaky plan would work.
Well things didn't happen that way.
The day of the photo shoot we went to Canby, Oregon for the Flock and Fiber Festival. I brought along the milk carton, and the cow costume and a few M&M's so we could stop by the beautiful Dahlia farm to have a beautiful setting for our photo shoot.
Well, by the time we got to the Dahlia farm it was afternoon and Solomon was late for his nap and really not in the best mood after being at a festival all morning. Sophie and I were ale to get him dressed in the cow costume and get him positioned, but when we gave him the milk carton we noticed it was pretty smelly. I guess I didn't rinse it out well enough. The carton sat on our fridge for a week or so before we got around to taking the picture, so the bit of milk that was in there had turned very sour, and after sitting in the hot car all day at the festival it was really bad. There was no way I could put an M&M candy in it. We gave Solomon the milk carton anyway to see if he would pose for the photo, well he got one whiff of the milk I though he was going to barf. He was hot and sweaty in his fuzzy costume, and he started to throw a bit of a temper tantrum. I was frustrated that maybe our contest picture wasn't going to happen. There was a couple having a picnic near us who just sat giving us the stink eye. I heard the woman make a few rude comments, it wasn't helping the situation at all.
Well after I was about ready to give up and go home Sophie volunteered to be the baby cow the photo. Luckily she is very petite and was able to squeeze in to the tiny size 2 cow costume. We were able to get quite a few cute shots. At one point she got a bit of the stinky curdled milk juice in her mouth. I almost peed myself laughing, she was laughing too, and the couple having the picnic was still giving us dirty looks. Then when we had all the shots we needed and Sophie had enough in the 80 degree heat wearing a fuzzy tight costume, we tried to take it off which became quite the event in itself. She got stuck in it for a good few minutes. It was so funny and frustrating at the same time. Then the kids fought over the five pieces of M&M's I had in my purse, and we drove home.
Thanks for stepping up Sophie!
Well we didn't win milk for a year, unfortunately, be we were one of the second place gift basket winners. Now we are the proud owner of a bunch of Organic Valley paraphernalia.....and a coupon for free milk!


Tessa said...

so cute. Love the pic...and OV, they rock.

gardenmama said...

lol : ) this cracked me up! and what is with people giving the stink eye these days goodness! i am so happy you won something! a year of organic milk that would of been really nice! xo