Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yarn Along





Joining in the Yarn Along this week with Ginny.

I just finished a Plain Vest for Nalah last week and a pair of mittens for Solomon.


I have been using up a lot of yarn from my stash. My goal is to only use my stash yarn, but I have case of one skein know where you just buy one skein because it's pretty but you really don't have a plan for how or when your going to use it. I could make a lot of hats, I guess but I have been wanting to make larger projects lately.
I won 100$ gift card from a local yarn shop when I was pregnant with Nalah and I have hoarded it until this past weekend. I finally decided what to make...something for me! I have just started this sweater the last few days. I am using Cascade Yarn Eco + wool in a pretty rusty orange brown color. I am reading on Ravelry that it is a quick knit, but I disagree....with 3 kids I can only knit this in the wee hours of the night when I can actually concentrate. Hopefully I finish before summer ;)
Not reading anything exciting. I am desperately trying to end our seemingly endless money troubles and this book has been spoken of very highly so I am giving it a shot. Financial Recovery by Karen McCall.


Mama Gone Green said...

The vest is SO cute!(and so is Nalah!). That vest is on my to-knit-someday list.

Lori ann said...

your knits are so sweet, but your baby, oh my! she is the cutest little thing ever!
i think aidez is said to be a quick knit because its made with bulkier yarn and large needles. have fun making it!

house full of jays said...

Love seeing your sweetie in her new vest!
I've been loving the Aidez pattern for a while now. My friend recently knit one in Eco+ and loves it! Happy knitting!

Mrs. Mallard said...

I love your plain vest! I just finished one last week for my toddler. You can scroll back to last week in my posts to see it. How lucky to have won a gift certificate and such a good decision to make yourself something with it!

sustainablemum said...

That vest looks lovely as does your LO. Hope you find some knitting time.