Monday, January 21, 2013

Small beauties, a big one, and changes...

I though I would share with you the small beauties I found on my morning walks this weekend......










.... and a much bigger one.


Well I took it upon myself to find beauty in the small things this weekend. I needed a break from my reality, if just for a small moment. We got bad news this week, my husband got laid off again. This is the third time he has been laid off in five years! Every time it has been because there is not enough work for all of the employees, and in the most recent case he was the newest hire and the only person who was not a family member, so he didn't really have a chance when they started letting people go. It is scary to be in this situation AGAIN, I have to say I hated his job, but still any job is better than no job. I will not miss my husband being gone for a week(sometimes weeks) at a time. Traveling like a truck driver. It was really really hard for me over the past 10 months with a new baby and two older children, to do it all on my own without a after day. I am exhausted.This last job put us in a very hard situation It was hard on our marriage and on the kids too, especially Solomon.
So bad news but at least we have an opportunity for change now.
He had an interview already last week for a LOCAL job doing the same kind of work.
Please send us good thoughts and job finding vibes.


Mama Gone Green said...

your photos are amazing!!

April said...

Beautiful photos. I've always wanted to visit Multnomah.

I'm so sorry about your hubbys job :( I will be thinking happy finding job thoughts for you guys!!!

trish said...

Positive thoughts and wishes coming your way.
It sounds like you needed a change, good things will come I am sure.
You found much beauty indeed.x

sustainablemum said...

I love the icy roses. I hope your family finds the changes you all need soon.

W-S Wanderings said...

Your photos are gorgeous. So evocative. And yes, sending positive energy & job-finding vibes...