Friday, February 24, 2012

Still waiting....

Well my due date has come and gone and I am still here waiting for baby. Yesterday was my Birthday and I was really hoping I would be holding our baby in my arms by then. I am getting very tired emotionally and physically, although I prepared myself for another past due baby just in case, but it is still kind of hard. My days have been packed with lots of walking and pineapple and knitting baby socks while watching Downton Abbey.
Send me laboring vibes today!
Please come soon baby we are so eager to meet you!

My Midwife Joy drew this on my belly during our appointment this week. Baby looks tatooed with the henna underneath :) Fun! My February sun baby!

A little Birthday hike with my boys :)

Sweet Birthday gifts...and sunshine.


a little crafty nest said...

Dear Heidi...I am an irregular visitor here, but when I do drop in, I always feel so happy! And you are due any day now!!! How so very exciting! Your belly is absolutely stunning ~ I had henna with two of my three bellies and I loved the energy put into it. I am thinking of you and holding your family with peace as you approach the Birthing Day! Gather your horses, and surrender.
xo Jules

trish said...

Wishing you a happy birthday for yesterday...great belly! Hope your little one is with you soon.
Much love

April said...

What a beautiful belly, your midwife is talented! Thank you for the heartfelt comment on my birth story! Rest assured your day is coming and it will be beautiful (maybe even as I type this!). :) so excited for you!

house full of jays said...

Happy Birthday! I love the henna and the drawing is incredible!