Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yep, flowers are budding out already:)Spring is just around the corner!

I though I would share some of my recent Valentines Day inspired crafts that I have made over the past few weeks.
This heart garland was super fun and easy to make. Solomon helped me whip this up in less than 20 minutes. The cutting of the felt was the only thing that took any time as I just sewed a straight seam through them with my machine to join them together. I double layered the hearts in contrasting colors to make them a little more interesting. A great way to use up old scraps of felt( I knew I was keeping them for a reason).


I have been holding onto this fabric for ages, not sure what to do with it. But I was inspired one day to make myself a nice elastic skirt that would fit for the last weeks of pregnancy and would be really easy to adjust the waist once I don't need as much room in the waist area. I have been busting the seams(literally) of the maternity clothing that was borrowed to me(sorry Taryn, I will fix them) so it nice to have something I can still wear at this point, just with some leggins or long johns underneath. I totally just made up the pattern. And for what it is worth I have worn it several times and still haven't cut the lose strings off..lol.
So lazy these days...where is my nesting energy this time around?
Baby is due in five days!!!!!

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windinthewildwood said...

Oh my gosh Heidi! I have not been blog visiting at all lately, congratulations on being a new mama again very soon. P.S. I love that fabric.