Monday, February 13, 2012

A Mama Blessing Felt Tapestry

This picture is before felting. The colors are better shown here, bright and beautiful.

After felting.

A few weekends ago a few of my dear friends came over for a felting Mama blessing party. We got the idea from the summer 2011 issue of Living Crafts magazine to make a wet felted tapestry for the new baby on the way.
I was joking with my friends about what their husbands were thinking when they left their homes with bubble wrap and spray bottles and huge bags of roving in every color imaginable...."Your going to what kind of party?"

None of us had very much experience in wet felting and it felt like we were pretty much just winging it, but it turned out really great. It was a wonderful collaboration of materials and ideas and friendship that I will always cherish and remember. I plan to frame it in a large embroidery hoop and hang it on the wall where the new baby will be able to see and enjoy it.

It was so nice to get together for a few hours kid free, with some crafting some tea and cupcakes and of course best of all, uninterrupted conversation which is so very hard to come by when our children are always around.
I am so thankful for my fiber loving friends. We are already talking about making more in the near future, preferably in the warm sunshine......outdoors....... with margaritas ;)


Taryn Kae Wilson said...

It's beautiful!! What a fun idea and what a wonderful gift for your baby to cherish.


P.S. I love when you leave comments on my blog! :)

Mama Gone Green said...

It was so fun to make! And, I do think that it turned out really well. xo

trish said... is so beautiful.x

house full of jays said...

Such a beautiful gift!

embracingitall said...

I love your felt tapestry. What a lovely memory to have of your mama blessing. Sending you beautiful birthing vibes and may you have a peaceful baby moon when the time comes. Jacinta x