Saturday, November 5, 2011

Searching for crafty folks.....

Do you have a blog and an Etsy shop or a website where you sell your handmade creations? Would you like some free advertising for the Holiday Season?I am looking for interested people to be part of a Handmade Holiday link. I will link up all interested folks to the button above and we can then all put them on our blogs to help advertise each other for the holidays.
This idea will only work if I can find other interested artists, but who wouldn't like a little free advertising, right?
I will be the one to link the button to your shop and add new folks as they come. All you have to do if interested is send me your e-mail and a link to your shop. Lets support Handmade and help each other this holiday season!
Please leave a comment if you are interested, I am eager to hear from you!


MamaWestWind said...

I would love to!

and you have my email. thanks!


Mama Gone Green said...

My shop is a bit sparse, but count me in! Maybe this will give me some motivation!!

Mama Gone Green said...


mb said...

i'd be interested in joining in!

Claire said...

Only a few things in my shop at the moment, but here's the link

Thank you for such a great idea, we are often not forward enough in promoting ourselves.