Friday, November 11, 2011

This moment....

I am joining Soulemama this week for This Moment but I am breaking the rules this week, I need words.
Sometimes crazily hormonal pregnant Mamas need a break so desperately after a week of kids that refused to nap and didn't go to bed until 11:30p.m., that she heads out of the city into the country for a Sunday drive by herself, leaving the husband with the kids (who would rather sit at home anyway) with no idea where were she is going...just to go somewhere and feel a little bit of freedom, for a chance to think, and maybe even be inspired......
And a chance to photograph a curious llama( or is than an alpaca) in a field full of grazing sheep. I wanted to climb the fence and sit in the field with them, maybe with a warm cup of tea and a mindlessly easy knitting project. If this were my field, maybe I wouldn't have had to travel so far to find some peace.



........and sometimes one photo just doesn't cut it.


Mama Gone Green said...

glad you found a little bit of peace!

Unknown said...

Awwww! Quite the model you got there!Great photos... it looks so serene.

Here's a link to my "MOVEMBER" moment:

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Annemarie said...

i can almost feel what it would be like to sit in that field in the sun knitting. thanks for the peace this morning. I needed it too.

Our moment ~

trish said...

Alpaca...actually not sure, whatever they are they are lovely. Glad you found a bit of peace, we all need time alone sometimes.
Peace to you Heidi.