Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some recent knits....

I have been knitting away. A few smaller projects have managed to be completed while I slowly chug away on my star baby blanket. Not entirely for lack of motivation,I ran out of yarn and I just got a matching skein to continue on with it. I had to search all over the Internet to find one, but I did and it matches...close enough for a variegated blanket anyways.
I knit up a Triceratops from the Prehistoric Pals pattern for Sollie's good friend's birthday. I love the pattern, this is the fourth Dino I have made and they knit up pretty fast. The only part that slows me down is the sewing together of all the tiny knit pieces. The Triceratops has the most pieces(horns), but I think it is super cute. What a clever pattern it is and a clever person who came up with it.



I also knit up another "Easy baby cardigan" from More Last minute Knit Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I love the yarn(Cascade Yarns 220), it was purchased on our Redwood Anniversay trip and holds more of a significant meaning than I expected so I think it is very suitable for our little womb fruit. I have a little extra yarn left over so I am currently working on booties to match the sweater. I think it is gender neutral enough. I am not really fond of overly girly clothing. I have a huge to-do knit list for this baby. Can I wait until after the holidays to knit more baby things? We shall see....probably not ;)




What are you knitting these days?

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Mama Gone Green said...

Finn loves his dino!!!

house full of jays said...

Ooo, I love that sweater - and the dinosaur is super cute!