Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Hat




I had the urge to knit Solomon a hat for visiting the pumpkin patch this year. Pumpkin hats are super cute, but I wanted him to have a hat that he could wear all winter and not look like he is wearing a Halloween hat in January. So I made up this little pointy hat in stripes of pumpkin colors. It only took me a few hours one night to knit it up, simple and fast. I think he can get away with wearing it all year, it matches his winter fleece. But it sure looked cute at the Pumpkin Patch!


trish said...

I love this hat. He looks so cute!xxx

witte's end studio said...

if this is the same place i remember going out here when sollie had to be carried! doesn't seem that long ago. nice pics and great hat.

Mama Gone Green said...

it's really cute! can't believe you found the time amidst all of those dragon tails!