Sunday, September 4, 2011

One last hurrah......

As I mentioned before I won a trip to the Coast for our family and we had one last hurrah before the school year starts this Tuesday. I didn't have much of a summer at all this year due to being sick in bed. I am thankful for the early summer Redwood trip we took in early June but that seems like it was ages ago. Especially after watching summer pass by out my window for two months. But now that I feel more like a normal pregnant human I am wanting to savor every last warm sunny day we have. We do have a few more day trips planned for the weekends, but it was nice to be well enough to use the trip we won before summer was over.
We drove down the coast the first day and stopped along the beach to camp for a night. Sollie had been talking about sleeping in the tent with a flashlight and roasting marshmallows all summer, I am so glad we were able to make that happen for him. Due to my illness he missed out on a lot of summer fun too and had way to much indoor time. I was glad it was only one night. I forgot to bring a pad and the ground was hard. I sleep on my stomach and can still get away with it if I have a bed to sink my belly into. But my baby bump didn't sink into the earth very well. I wish we could just put our tents up right on the beach, sand would be great padding. But it was lovely falling asleep to the sound of the Ocean and after I did I had a wonderful dream that I was walking in a forest chatting with Ram Das. I woke up feeling very thankful, and the chorus of birds and chipmunks made it even better.

The mornings started off cool and foggy and we had fun playing in the Dunes near Florence, Oregon.



Even Papa got in on the action..

Then we walked around the town and took touristy pictures....



Then the sunshine broke through and we enjoyed some cool windy beach time......
Beach belly....

We found a creek that emptied into the ocean with some huge driftwood logs . Natures own sculpture garden.

Now that was a big driftwood log. I kinda wanted to haul it back home and put it in the garden, but it was bigger than my yard anyway.

I even got a few moments on my own during the last night to knit out on the deck and watch the sun set.



Goodbye Summer......


trish said...

Such beautiful photos. I bet falling asleep to the sound of the ocean was magical! Wonderful dream!xxx

Mama Gone Green said...

How fun. And your bump is so cute!!