Thursday, May 26, 2011

We took a little hike in the woods.....
spring2011 306
It was VERY green....
spring2011 305

spring2011 303

spring2011 302
And a little purple...
spring2011 277

We spotted Faerie homes....
spring2011 311

spring2011 310

spring2011 316

spring2011 313

spring2011 299

And we made a few friends...
spring2011 278

spring2011 281

spring2011 315

And posed for a few silly pictures......
spring2011 314

spring2011 307

I hope you don't mind the photo overload. We are planning a trip down to the Redwoods soon for our 10th wedding anniversary, I am sure I will take a bazillion photos to share. I have been dreaming of visiting the Redwoods since I was very young. We have lived in Oregon for 9 years and haven't made it down to California yet or discovered much of southern Oregon.
One part of our trip will take us into a fern canyon were they filmed Jurassic Park 2....see that will be a hundred photos alone....prepare yourselves ;)


house full of jays said...

Stunning photos, Heidi! I love all that green...and I won't be complaining about a zillion redwood photos, either!

embracingitall said...

Love the photos. That snail is amazing. We have huge slugs here called Leopard slugs, they are so gross, but totally amazing at the same time. Can't wait to see your photos from your upcoming trip. We didn't get to see the redwoods when in the US, so I will happily live through your photos instead. Jacinta

Mama Gone Green said...

I love that snail photo. It made me crack up because its so cute! I wouldnt be saying that if I found it in my garden however...)

Mama Ash Grove said...

Beautiful, as always Heidi!
I am anxious to see the Redwoods photos, I have also always wanted to go there- and so do my older two children! Someday.
I'll bet your daughter is a good little Mama to Solomon!

Bending Birches said...

gasp! how have I not found your blog sooner???? such a beautiful space here!
What lively photos!!
..I am off to check out the toddler pants in your etsy store:) xoxoxo

MJ said...

Ah the green is so beautiful, as are the flowers and snail :). How fortunate you are to have so much beauty all around you!! Love joining you on your walks!!

a little crafty nest said...

Heidi...Your photos are exquisite! I particularly like the snail...I can almost reach out and touch him. Everything is so vibrant and Alive! Lovely eye feasting, thank you.
xo Jules

simona said...

simply beautiful. it was definitely worth the wait for the pictures to load :)
those kind of walks and hikes are the best!